WeightMaster Bench Gym.

Buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym its smaller than a multigym so won't take up much room in your house, yet contains all the exercise stations you need its a bench press with adjustable seat and backrest, its a lateral pull down bar and its a chest press and leg extension, leg curl machine all rolled into one in a format called a benchgym which is much smaller than a multigym.

The WeightMaster Bench Gym uses standard one inch weights so all your standard weights will already fit the WeightMaster Bench Gym without you having to buy anymore weights.

WeightMaster Bench Gym, Save Space Smaller than a Multigym

Save Space Smaller than a Multigym.

Made from solid steel, not box section like some of the other bench gyms that flex and vibrate when you use them, you get an adjustable seat with an adjustable backrest and a built-in barbell holder which is a nice touch and shows the level of care and detail that WeightMaster have gone into to manufacture the WeightMaster Bench Gym.

You also get butterfly bars, lat pull down bars and a built-in padded armrest for when your doing bicep curls, you get a bicep curl bar too and a leg curl and leg extension station all the pads are thickly padded to provide lots of support and prevent injury.

You can use the lateral pulldown bars either facing forward or rear facing and use the butterfly bars from a seated position, use the bench press and adjust the seat and back rest to a comfortable position, any position from completely flat to and angle up to upright, when using the bench press make use of the adjustable barbell holders.

Use the pullbar for preacher curls and bicep curls and use the leg station for leg extension and leg curls.

If you don't have room for a big multigym but still want all the features in a smaller layout then buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym.
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