Walker and Simpson Petroni 6ft Combo Pool and Hockey Table.

Walker and Simpson Petroni 6ft Combo Pool and Hockey Table a Folding Table with Two Table Tops, Pool and Air Hockey.

This is a beautiful wooden table with two interchangeable table tops, put the table on one way round and you have a pool table with a beautiful red felt, triangle, chalks and pool balls with 6 pockets for the balls and put the table top on the other way round and you have an air hockey table with pucks and pushers that glide with practically no friction across the air hockey table which has the hockey field drawn out on the smooth table and shows you where to put the pushers if you don't know the rules.
Walker and Simpson Petroni 6ft Combo Pool and Hockey Table, Folding Table.

Folding Table, Two Table Tops Pool and Air Hockey.

The air hockey table has a built in fan which blows air through tiny holes in the surface of the air hockey table the air ensures the pucks and pushers glide with no friction and the edge of the air hockey table is slightly raised so that the pushers and pucks don't fly off the tables edge.

Built into the table is an elegant score counter abacus that looks stunning with matt black sliders against a mahogany look table the sides, legs and feet of the table are all mahogany look and will be great in any home and a very elegant piece of furniture.

The mahogany look table is folding so while its 6ft in length giving plenty of space to play pool or air hockey the table easily folds away for storage.

With the table you get a range of accessories which when not in use are stored inside the table keeping all the bits together so they don't get lost you get two poker cues one set of pool balls and a pool triangle as well as a brush for the table felt and two pieces of chalk for the pool cues and for air hockey two pushers and one puck.
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