TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill Extra Large Treadmill.

Buy the TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill, it's a Top of the Range Treadmill that's now for sale at half price.

The TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill has top of the range specifications like 14mph top speed, 20% hill incline if you like running or walking up hills and an extra large running deck of 59 inches long by 20 inches wide, you won't find a larger treadmill than that at least not one that has a saving of 50% off and free delivery too.

TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill, Top of the Range

Top of the Range Treadmill.

The TrackSpeed5000 treadmill is a semi-professional model used in both homes and small gyms throughout the UK, there's a full 12 months warranty on this treadmill so if any fault develops your treadmill will be replaced.

There's a beautiful colour display on the TrackSpeed5000 which clearly shows your speed, running or walking statistics and all sorts of nice graphics to help make reading the display really simple.

There's 40 different exercise programmes to choose from these have been designed by professional medical and fitness experts to give you the best treadmill workout, with 40 different exercise programs to choose from (other manufacturers of treadmills will only offer 5 different exercise programs), you can easily find a exercise program to suit your goals, lose weight, stay trim, get trim, increase cardio vascular exercise, hill walking, running, marathon running, sprint, jog etc.

You don't have to struggle and remove your hands from the handlebars with the TrackSpeed5000 as the speed and incline (how much of a hill you want to walk or run up) buttons are placed right on the handlebars within easy reach, also on the handlebars are heartrate sensors that will monitor your heartrate and if you wish automatically adjust the exercise program to account for a high heart rate (exercising too hard) or a rest heartrate (no exercising hard enough).

You can of course use any of the exercise programs without automatic adjustment by heartrate and you can of course use the buttons manually by just jumping on and pressing start.
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