TrackSpeed4500 Big Treadmill.

Buy the TrackSpeed4500 Big Treadmill with Built-in Speakers for CD/MP3 Input, a Semi-Commercial Treadmill that is for use by persons up to 24 stone in weight.

Do you like to listen to music, the radio or TV whilst you run but hate wearing headphones as they always fall out or just feel uncomfortable struggling with the cables then buy the TrackSpeed4500 treadmill as it includes two stereo speakers mounted on the console in front of you which you can plug into your MP3 player, TV or radio and listen to all your music coming out of the speakers.

TrackSpeed4500 Big Treadmill Semi-Commercial

Semi-Commercial Treadmill.

The TrackSpeed4500 is a big treadmill with a maximum runners weight of 24 stone, everyone can use this treadmill, young or old, fat or thin, and if you're worrying that a larger weight might cause the treadmill to slow down don't worry as 13 mph motor, so you can run at any speed you like up to a maximum of 13 miles per hour even if your 24 stone in weight, now of course your much more likely to tire before the treadmill and you can monitor your current performance levels by looking at your heart rate which is measured by pulse sensors in the treadmills handlebars.

Hold the handlebar pulse sensors as you walk or run and your pulse will be converted into a heart rate reading and displayed on the screen, so you can instantly see how tired your body is, you can also use automatic exercise programmes to read your heart rate and adjust the treadmill exercise programs automatically so as you tire the treadmill adjusts making it easier to run.

As you might have guessed by the high quality specification the TrackSpeed4500 is a semi-commercial treadmill what that means is that whilst its used in homes to give years of trouble free running it's also used in light business environments like the office gym, so you know when you buy the TrackSpeed4500 that your buying a treadmill that has been tried and tested and will last for years.
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