TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill, Large Running Area.

Buy the TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill and get a treadmill with a Large Running Area of 16 inches wide by 50 inches long which gives you plenty of room to move around, if you ever feel like you're about to fall off the treadmill then then TrackSpeed3000 is the treadmill you should buy, with such a large running area you can place your feet where you like and whilst very large when in use the treadmill folds up for easy storage where it folds to half its size.

If you're a bigger person and maybe carrying a few extra pounds weight this is the treadmill for you as you can use this treadmill with a maximum bodyweight of 16 stone coupled with a large running surface its ideal for the larger person and a great way to lose weight and drop a few pounds as running is a good form of cardio vascular exercise.

TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill, Large Running Area, Easy Storage Folding Treadmill

Easy Storage Folding Treadmill.

You can either choose to manually control the built-in exercise programmes selecting your own speed, time and incline or you can use the built-in heartrate sensors on the handlebars of the treadmill, simply hold the handlebars as you run and your pulse/heartrate will be relayed to the digital display and used to control the exercise programmes, adjust your speed to give you the best exercise depending on your heartrate, if your heartrate is too fast the treadmill will slow down, if your heartrate indicates you could be working harder the treadmill will speed up, it's like having your own personal fitness instructor working with you.

Of course you don't have to let your heartrate control the treadmill, you can use the standard treadmill programs to run a standard exercise routine to lose weight, tone, exercise, climb hills, marathon etc.

There's 48 different exercise programmes available, these have been designed by fitness experts so using the built-in exercise programmes you will be exercising exactly the right way to achieve your exercise goals.
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