Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair.

Buy the Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair a Portable Massage Chair that's Lightweight, Cream PU Leather, its the Cheapest Massage Chair available and now has been reduced in price and is now reduced to 50% of its original price, you can now buy this massage chair for fifty pounds.

This is a lightweight massage chair that's easy to carry around with you if you work between several massage therapy centres, and if you're buying this massage chair for home use your enjoy the super lightweight and easy to store features of this massage chair.

Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair, Portable Massage Chair

Portable Massage Chair.

Made from beautiful cream PU leather on a lightweight black coloured metal frame, the massage chair looks beautiful, the massage chair is so easy to carry and looks absolute luxury in PU leather, its easy to clean too, just wipe down any massage oils or cosmetics.

You can adjust the massage chair too any of 4 different heights so the massage chair will easily fit your clients no matter what their size and you can bring them up or down to your preferred working height.

If your an on the road massage therapist visiting different massage therapy centres or visiting homes or just want a massage therapy chair for home then your enjoy how lightweight this chair is as the massage chair weights only 9kg and can be used on massage clients up to 55 stone so whatever size of client your easily be able to offer a massage.

A very thick 4cm of memory foam is under the stylish PU leather, the memory foam surrounds the face pad too and you can remove the face pad if not required.

This is the cheapest massage chair your find, its brand new and comes with free delivery as well as a one year warranty so if the massage chair develops a fault your be able to return it.
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