Tahiti Opal Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Opal Massage Table for under 100 pounds and get a beautiful cream coloured PU leather massage table.

The Tahiti Opal Massage Table is a folding table that folds up into its own suitcase, the massage table does not require a separate suitcase the table actually folds in on itself creating a suitcase with a carry handle, all the accessories like face cradle and arm rests are attached to the underside of the table by clips when not in use and these also fold up into the suitcase table.

Tahiti Opal Massage Table, Under 100 Pound Massage Table

Under 100 Pound Massage Table.

If you don't have the room at home for a massage table then buy this folding massage table as when you don't need the table it simply folds up into a suitcase for storage under the bed, behind a door or under the stairs, it's easy to transport the massage table in the car too and will easily fit into a standard size car boot on the backseat and if you're walking with the massage table the strong and comfortable handle makes this the easiest massage table to move around.

The massage table frame is made from lightweight beech wood, its light tan colour looks superb against the cream coloured PU leather, the PU leather is easy to clean, simply wipe with a cloth and oils or spills will easily be removed without leaving a mark even when the spills have dried out.

As well as arm rests at the side of the massage table there's an arm rest below the face cradle which clients can rests their hands on while their face is in the face cradle, this prevents the clients getting tired or sore arms.

Whilst being a lightweight and folding massage table the table is still very strong and has a maximum client weight of 38 stone, so whatever weight and size of your clients you can offer them a safe, secure and strong feeling massage table.
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