Tahiti Onyx Cream Superlight Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Onyx Cream Superlight Massage Table which is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 11Kg, it's easy to carry and easy to store too as the massage table folds into its own carry case.

The luxurious white PU leather is easy to keep clean as it only needs a wipe with a cloth and the metal frame and legs ensure a strong, sturdy and very comfortable massage table which can support a person weighing up to 56 stone, so no matter how large or small your massage clients this folding massage table will be ideal.

Tahiti Onyx Cream Superlight Massage Table Weighs Only 11Kg

Weighs Only 11Kg.

The folding massage table folds up into its own carry case even the detachable accessories like the face cradle and arm rests can be secured to the underside of the massage table and are also held securely when the table is folded into its case.

Available in a range of colours from bright pink to cream and white theirs a luxury massage table for all tastes and at just under 100 pounds including free delivery the Tahiti Oynx will suit all pockets too.

The frame and legs are made from superlight aluminium which is strong and very light, it's the same material they make aircraft out of too, so you know it's tough enough to last being moved around from place to place.

The folding massage table is easy to store too, just fold the table up into its case and the use the comfortable to hold handle to carry the table easily, if you're buying the massage table for home use then it's ideal because it folds you can store the table behind the sofa, under the stairs, behind a door or under a bed with ease, and its easy to transport too fitting in the boot of a car or on the backseat.
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