Tahiti Niam Massage Chair.

Buy the Tahiti Niam Massage Chair, it's easy to store at home because it folds completely flat and can be stored under a bed, in a cupboard, under the stairs, behind a door or hung up on a peg in the garage.

At substantially under 100 pounds and with free delivery too you get a very smart massage chair made with large deep memory foam for comfort and covered with PU leather in a variety of colours including blue, pink, white and cream.

Tahiti Niam Massage Chair, Easy To Store at Home

Easy To Store at Home.

With a maximum user weight of 55 stone anyone can use this massage chair from the biggest to the smallest and your find with many obese or larger people they will find a massage chair far more comfortable than a massage table and so will those with injuries as it's easier to sit down than it is to lie down.

If you offer massages and want to move your massage chair around as it folds up flat it's easy to carry in the boot of your car or on the backseat.

The massage chair has three different heights so you can higher or lower the chair to suit the massage client and the massage therapist, the face pad too adjusts in both height and angle so big or small your be able to sit your massage client in a position that is both comfortable for them and easier to massage for you.

The leather like covering is PU leather which wipes clean and is both water and oil resistant.

The face cradle uses memory foam to provide the softest rest for your head and all areas of the chair are padded so your massage clients feel comfortable, pregnant mothers will like the massage chair as will older people or those a bit fatter as it's much easier to sit down than it is to lie down on a massage table.
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