Tahiti Maternity Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Maternity Massage Table for Pregnant Mums and get a special discounted price with a sale price of half the original price.

The maternity massage table has some special features which makes this massage table ideal for expectant mothers, these include a removable stomach bung so the mother can lie on her front with her stomach gently placed through the massage table, similarly the massage table has two chest bungs which can be removed to allow the mothers enlarged breasts through the table without causing any discomfort to baby or mother.

Tahiti Maternity Massage Table for Pregnant Mums

Massage Table for Pregnant Mums.

As well as for use by pregnant women if you regularly massage extremely obese people they too will welcome a massage table that allows them to lie on their fronts as their stomachs and breasts will not be squashed as the removable stomach and breast areas of the table will allow them to lie down in comfort.

Made from luxury PU leather, the cream coloured surface is easy wipe clean and the beech wood used for the legs and frames is very elegant, the table is extremely lightweight and folds up into its own suitcase either the face cradle is secured inside the suitcase so you have no bits to carry, if you're buying the massage table for home use this pregnancy massage table is easy to fold into its suitcase so you can store the pregnancy massage table under your bed or behind a door, under the stores or just propped up against a wall out the way.

The massage table is incredibly strong and will support a person of up to 38 stone, so heavily expectant mothers or obese men and women will feel safe and secure on this very comfortable massage table.

Now for sale at half its original price this bestselling pregnancy massage table has become popular with pregnant mothers buying for home use and massage therapy centres wanting to offer services to pregnant mothers and obese clients.
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