Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool.

Buy the Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, this Massage Table Stool comes with Free Delivery, its a great massage stool for massage therapists who need to get up close to their clients.

Ideal for the massage therapist to sit on this very comfortable massage stool has a large foam seat covered with cream PU leather and looks very elegant and luxurious.

Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, Massage Table Stool

Massage Table Stool.

The wood used for this stool is maple wood a light coloured tan wood which looks very good with the cream PU leather, the wood is lightweight so its easy to move the massage stool around and easy to carry and transport in the car or walking as the massage stool folds for easy storage.

There's a foot board on the stool so you can rest your feed on the stool legs while you work on your client.

As well as the massage therapist sitting on the stool you can use the stool to raise your clients legs for example if massaging feet or applying creams of nail vanish.

You can buy a massage table in exactly the same cream PU leather colours and tan maple wood as the massage stool so you can get a beautiful luxurious massage table and stool that will look great in any massage room.

The Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool comes with a one year warranty so if you have any trouble you can get the Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool replaced under warrantee.

If your carrying around a heavy massage stool then its time to get this beautiful cream PU leather stool, you get free delivery too and now this massage stool is for sale at half the price its no wonder the Cream Therapist Stool has become a bestseller.

If you regularly have longer massage sessions with your client then don't stand up if you don't need to, use this beautiful PU leather massage stool and don't get tired.
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