Striale SE-402-2 Motorised Elliptical Trainer.

Striale SE-402-2 Motorised Elliptical Trainer in Silver Colour with Wide Foot Plates.

This modern elliptical trainer is silver in colour and looks very hi-tech with a smart digital display that draws out your exercise programme for you as a grouping of bar charts or hills if that helps you visualise it better, the hills show how much resistance will be applied to the elliptical trainers pedals at any one time and therefore how hard it will be to move the pedals so you can see the course ahead of you and help you become aware of the next rest break or section that requires hard work.
Striale SE-402-2 Motorised Elliptical Trainer, Silver Colour.

Silver Colour, Wide Foot Plates.

The Striale uses a magnetic braking system which is very quiet as the magnetic system has few moving parts and as well as being quiet is very reliable lasting for years, if you have young children or babies in the house your be able to cross train whilst they sleep as the exercise machine won't make any noise even if your exercising close by.

The Striale elliptical trainer comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame and a 2 year warranty on the parts and labour so if you have any problems your have a long warranty to help you.

The digital display shows time, distance, speed, calories and pulse rate and all 12 exercise programs are drawn out on a legend below the digital display so you can see what the exercise program is like before selecting it as you can see how much effort is required, how many hard and easy bits there are.

With the built in pulse recovery mode you can even test your fitness level, the exercise programme works you hard and then monitors how long it takes for your pulse rate to return to normal and that is used as an estimation of your fitness level.
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