SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike.

Buy the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike the Medical Style Home Exercise Cycle with Modern Design and Clinical Looks.

Want to buy a ultra modern and very safe exercise bike that's just like the rehabilitation bikes and medical exercise bikes you see in hospitals and recovery clinics then buy the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, it has a low entry point so it's easy to get on and off the exercise bike, without having obstacles in the way of your feet and has a modern wipe clean surface with no holes or gaps for dirt to build up in, it's easy to take care of with just a wipe clean needed and has some very easy to use yet advanced features.
SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, Medical Style Home Exercise Cycle.

Medical Style Home Exercise Cycle.

If your recovering from injury, looking to lose weight or just must be more mobile than you have been then take a look at the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike and your find an advanced yet very simple to use exercise bike computer with a easy wipe clean display that can measure your pulse and heart rate whilst your cycling, so you can always see the level of effort your body is under with warning messages should your pulse or heart rate rise too high or fall too low, the pulse is calculated much like a doctor or nurse would determine your heart rate by measuring the pulse and calculating, simply hold the handlebars as you cycle and the built in handlebar sensors will record the pulse in your hands and display the pulse and heart rate information on the screen.

As well as pulse your calorie count is displayed and you can see exactly how many calories you have burned whilst your exercising, ideal if your looking to lose some weight and want to set a goal of cycling each day to burn a specific number of calories.
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