SEG 6601 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower.

SEG 6601 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower with Two Home Exercise Machines In One an Exercise Cycle and Rowing Machine.

Simply unlock the seat from the fixed position to moving with the lever next to your seat and you can switch between a rowing machine and a recumbent exercise bike the seat on the machine has a high backrest and is perfect for supporting anyone with back troubles or for preventing back problems in the first place.
SEG 6601 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Rower, Two Home Exercise Machines In One.

Two Home Exercice Machines In One, Exercise Cycle and Rowing Machine.

You can change the position of the seat bringing it further away or closer to the pedals of the exercise bike and the foot rests of the rowing machine and having two machines in one you don't have to get up out of your seat to go use a different machine and you don't need space in your house to store different exercise machines its all in the one unit.

In the handlebars either side of your seat which you can hold when your using the exercise bike your find a pulse sensor this can measure your pulse as your cycling and display your pulse rate on the screen which is mounted on top of the rowing machine within easy sight of your eyes as your using the machine.

There's eight different resistance levels to choose from so you can choose the effort level that's right for you with level one being the easiest and level eight being the hardest, try to push yourself but not so much that you can't complete your exercise session, choose a goal for your exercise session like time, distance or calories all of which are shown on the digital display and then watch the display as you exercise and your goal is reached for example thirty minutes on the rowing machine, ten minutes on the exercise bike or 200 calories burned on the exercise bike and 300 calories burned on the rowing machine.
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