Reebok i-Bike.S Magnetic Exercise Bike.

For a beautiful exercise bike well suited to your home that's as much a piece of beautiful furniture as it is an exercise bike buy the Reebok i-Bike.

A brand new exercise bike from the Reebok iBike series in beautiful white with black seat and handlebars it certainly has that modern look to it, and its excellent value for money too at two hundred pounds There's plenty of motivation built into this exercise bike with all sorts of special features to keep you motivated whilst you exercise so you won't get discouraged and give up.

Reebok i-Bike.S Magnetic Exercise Bike, Reebok i-Series CV Range

Value for Money Exercise Bike.

This is a strong exercise bike with a very solid frame so you can feel safe and comfortable using this exercise bike no matter what your weight and if you a little overweight not to worry as the iBike is capable of supporting up to 18 stone so your sure to feel safe and secure no matter what your weight.

The Reebok bike offers one of the smoothest cycle rides your find on an exercise bike at any price, if you have used a exercise bike at the gym and found them to be squeaking and dragging your know how bad an experience that can be, the Reebok iBike uses magnetic resistance to provide the resistance to you cycling, magnetic resistance is completely silent and so you won't have noise or vibrations causing knocking sounds on your floor and a silent bike will keep the neighbours happy too.

The Reebok iBike comes with lots of preset programmes so you can choose what you want to do stay trim, race, lose weight, burn calories and more and the iBikes inbuilt programmes will adjust the effort levels to provide you with an exercise regime that will help you exercise to achieve those goals.

The exercise bike seat is fully adjustable too, so no more being too near or too far away from the pedals or handlebars for a comfortable cycle, easily adjust the seat and your want to stay exercising for longer as your feel more comfortable.

The built-in training computer will show you the time you have been cycling for, the speed you're cycling at, the distance you have travelled and the calories you have burned.

Buy the Reebok iBike and get an easy to use, consumer friendly bike that's built to last and great for the home.
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