Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance.

Buy the Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, it's a Folding Rowing Machine for Easy Storage and has lots of features making the Oxford 8000 a Hi Spec Rower.

The Oxford 8000 rowing machine is silver in colour with red highlights around the drive and black coloured seat, rowing handle, foot rests and feet, this elegant colour combination makes for a very good looking rowing machine.

Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, Hi Spec Rower

Hi Spec Rower.

The Oxford 8000 rowing machine uses magnetic resistance as the resistance to your rowing efforts, other rowing machines use air resistance which is very noisy, magnetic resistance is totally silent and makes for a much smaller, easy to store and compact rowing machine.

The Oxford 8000 is a folding rowing machine, the rowing machine runner folds upwards so the rowing machine takes up very little space when folded, you can easily store the folder rowing machine under the stairs, in a cupboard or behind a sofa.

This folding rowing machine is a high spec rowing machine with a training computer that displays the calories you have burned whilst rowing as well as the time taken so far, the advantage of seeing your calorie count increase as you row is that it provides inspiration to rowers to exercise more.

This high spec rowing machine is great value for money and now the price has been lowered by 100 pounds and you get free delivery and one years guarantee too so if anything goes wrong you know your fully covered and will get a replacement rowing machine.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone everyone can use the Oxford 8000 Rowing machine from beginners and those overweight to athletes and those who want to maintain their fitness level.

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is a long lasting rower as the magnetic resistance system has no moving parts so there's nothing to wear out and your have years of trouble free rowing.
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