Prestige 4 Man Tent.

Prestige 4 Man Tent this Multicoloured Tent is Easy To Find at Festivals.

Have you ever lost your tent at a festival then make sure this can't happen again with the Prestige 4 Man Tent as the tent has three different coloured strips its grey, green and brown colours make it highly distinctive on any background on the beach, on the grass or even yes, in the mud you can still see this tent all the time and your be able to see the tent from a distance as your navigate your way back to your tent.
Prestige 4 Man Tent, Multicoloured Tent.

Multicoloured Tent, Easy To Find at Festivals.

The tent fits four people or its ideal for a couple wanting more room, there's two rooms inside the tent you can sleep in them both or sleep in one and store your belongings in the other and should you fall out with someone well then they really can sleep in the other room!

There's four breathable vents in the tent to get rid of any nasty pongs and the inner lining is breathable too with the outer lining being waterproof and mud proof too should it come to that.

The Prestige 4 Man Tent has a dome cover which you put over the tent and keeps even torrential rain out should you be expecting some bad weather or just typically British weather.

Here's the science bit the tent is waterproof and has a hydrostatic head of 2000m, no that's not a naughty word for what might go on in the tent its a measure of how waterproof the tent is being able to withstand the pressure of 2000 metres high of water before the tent will leak and you have to admit that's a lot of rain! even Noah would be impressed.

The British military by comparison use tents with a hydrostatic head of only 800m nearly four times less waterproof than the Prestige 4 Man Tent so your be a lot drier and a lot warmer than any soldiers sleeping out under the stars.

The Prestige 4 Man Tent comes with free delivery and a years warranty and ius brightly coloured so your never wonder where you left your tent again.
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