Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance.

Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance For Under 100 Pounds, High Quality Exercise Bike.

For under 100 pounds you can buy the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike and get free delivery too, it's a bargain of a high quality exercise bike with a heavy flywheel just like the exercise bikes at the gym, the heavy flywheel ensures a smooth cycle and a very realistic cycle just like cycling outside.

Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance, Under 100 Pounds

Under 100 Pounds.

Whilst only costing 100 pounds this exercise bike still has all the features like a 6 function computer with display located between the handlebars and pulse sensors on the handlebars too, simply hold the pulse sensors as you cycle and your heart rate will be displayed on the digital display, a low heart rate indicating you're not cycling with enough resistance whilst a high heart rate indicating you need to take things a little easier.

This stunning exercise bike in white with grey trim looks beautiful and certainly looks much more expensive than its 100 pound price tag, it's been reduced in price of course from an original price of more than twice its sub 100 pound price.

The exercise bike computer even includes a body fat calculator so you can see the results of all your hard work exercising and losing weight on the digital display screen in front of you as you cycle, made from strong tube steel which is capable of supporting a exercise bike rider weighing up to 16 stone.

There's even personalised training programmes available on the training computer where you can adjust training programs to work on areas you decide are important to you like losing weight, increasing stamina, joy rides, gentle cycle, extreme etc.

The exercise bike feet are adjustable too so you went get any wobbling or knocking noises on your floor no matter how uneven your floor is, large pedals ensure that riders of all shapes and sizes will feel comfortable with pedals that they won't lose their footing on and with an adjustable saddle height and handlebar column that's extra long this exercise bike will fit the shortest to the tallest person.
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