Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance.

Buy the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike for under 100 pounds and get free delivery too.

The Powertech exercise bike uses modern magnetic resistance to provide the variable resistance to your cycling efforts and its quiet too not like those noisy fan based rowing machines you might see at the gym.

Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance for Under 100 Pounds

Under 100 Pounds.

This is a high quality exercise bike at a bestselling price, the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike is now for sale at less than half its recommended price and is an absolute bargain, it's easy to use whilst still having some advanced features like a 6 function computer with personalised exercise programmes and handlebar sensors that measure your heartrate and display your heartrate as your cycle directly on the digital display.

The Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike will also calculate and display your BMI Body Mass Index, that's a measure of how fat you are, so you can keep track of this score as you exercise and over the weeks watch your BMI level reduce.

Made from solid 1.5mm thick steel plate this exercise cycle won't rattle or vibrate like some lesser constructed exercise cycles.

There are 16 different levels of magnetic resistance to do battle with from easy to very hard to pedal, choose the effort level that best matches your goals and ability, magnetic resistance is silent too so you won't go upsetting the neighbours with any noise no matter how hard you cycle.

The exercise bike are fully adjustable for uneven floors so you can prevent the bike from wobbling and vibrating no matter how unlevel your floor, use the exercise bike on wood and stone floors, carpet and vinyl floors without problems.

The Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike has large pedals which is just perfect for those of use with larger feet so you won't slip off or lose your footing and there's a pedal strap too for tightening around your trainer if you want to make sure your feet will always be in contact with the pedals.
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