Orchid Prairie 2 Section Massage Table.

Orchid Prairie 2 Section Massage Table with Beautiful Black PU Leather the Portable Table.

This full size yet portable massage table has a lovely matt black PU leather surface under which is luxurious memory foam with legs and frame of beech wood and a table with beautiful rounded corners.
Orchid Prairie 2 Section Massage Table, Beautiful Black PU Leather.

Beautiful Black PU Leather, Portable Table.

The table whilst being full size folds in half for easy storage, when folded the carry strap at the side of the table can be used to carry the table and the face cradle stores inside the folded table so if your storing the table for a while or just transporting the table from place to place then you won't lose any parts.

There's also an arm and hand sleeve underneath the face cradle, put your hands in the sleeve to save them having to dangle down to the floor and start to ache or even get pins and needles.

The table has height adjustable legs so you can always be at the correct height for offering massage as too low and you're forever reaching up and getting aching arms.

This massage table is ideal for home use as the discounted price means the table is a real bargain and at a price where it makes a great folding guest bed, you can fold the massage table right up and put it under your bed for storage in fact the folded massage table is so small you can even fit several massage tables under your bed perfect to use them as guest beds as with luxurious PU leather and memory foam they are extremely comfortable.

With a 38 stone maximum user weight any massage client or guest on the guest bed won't have to worry that they are too big or too heavy for the table.

This portable massage table comes with a one year warranty and free delivery and all the accessories you need (face cradle, hand and arm sleeve) to either enjoy massages at home on your own massage table or even start a business offering massage.
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