Orchid Meadow 2 Section Massage Table.

Orchid Meadow 2 Section Massage Table the Full Size, Folding Therapist Table with Face Cradle and Height Adjustable.

This cream coloured folding massage table folds up into a carry case which is actually formed by the two halves of the table folding in on itself, the table is full size and has a cut out area that allows the therapist to get closer to the client which is ideal for Reiki or chiropractic treatments where manipulation of the client is required.
Orchid Meadow 2 Section Massage Table, Full Size, Folding Therapist Table.

Full Size, Folding Therapist Table, Face Cradle, Height Adjustable.

The table has height adjustable legs so you won't get sore or aching hands or arms as you can adjust the table so that you're above the client with your arms pointing downwards as when you're too low down and your having to reach up to your clients that's when your get aching arms.

This massage table is perfect for home use as the table will fold up small and can be stored out of the way in a wardrobe or under a bed and then is ready to use immediately just unfold and click the legs into position, it makes an ideal occasional bed if your having guests to stay as its very comfortable with its own built in headrest and luxury PU leather and memory foam and from your point of view takes up so little room in the house when not in use.

If you need several occasional beds you could buy several of these therapists tables and folded several of them could be stored under one bed its the ideal way to rapidly expand the number of people your house can accommodate whilst not having lots of clutter when everyone's gone.

The frame and legs of the table are made fro aluminium and will support a person with a maximum weight of 340kg which is 54 stone so absolutely no dangers there of ever overloading the table even with two people on it!
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