Napoleon LE485 Series 1 Gas Barbecue.

Napoleon LE485 Series 1 Gas Barbecue made from Stainless Steel and Top Of The Range.

This is a beautiful top of the range stainless steel gas barbecue with four separate gas burners, grilling rack and side plate warmer and the 'wave' cooking grill which cooks the meat with wavy lines seared into the meat for that perfect flame grilled look and taste.
Napoleon LE485 Series 1 Gas Barbecue, Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel, Top Of The Range.

For easy cleaning all the cooking grills are porcelain coated so meat won't dry on and stick making cleaning difficult, underneath the grill is a storage area with closing doors so flies can't get in so its fine for storing meats and dips, drinks, cooking utensils and plates.

There's a temperature gauge on the front of the hood and this is made by Accue Probe and is highly accurate and long lasting and the gas burners are self lighting just press the button next to the gas burner dials and the Jet Fire ignition system will light the burners whilst you always get lovely looking and great tasting steaks, fish, chicken and sausages with the wave lines cooked into the meat.

The stainless steel lid is double insulated so you won't burn yourself and the shelves below the grill with built in utensil holders make storage of all your forks, spoons, knives and tongs easy.

The gas barbecue has casters underneath so you can move the barbecue inside or outside easily and with free delivery and a manufacturers lifetime warranty you can be assured that if anything goes wrong, ever, you will be covered.

The gas burners are controlled by beautiful, big and chunky dials on the front of the housing and its easy to read the settings and easy to turn the dials even with oily or wet hands.

This designer barbecue is fast becoming a bestseller and it's easy to see why with its beautiful stainless steel looks and attention to detail.
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