Marcy ER2000D Cross Trainer.

Marcy ER2000D Cross Trainer with Easier To Hold Horizontal Handle Bars and Bargain Priced Too.

The Marcy ER2000D cross trainer has a unique and much easier to use handlebar arrangement than other cross trainers as the handlebars are horizontal which is much easier to hold than vertical handlebars as you can use the handlebars to pull yourself forward.
Marcy ER2000D Cross Trainer, Easier To Hold Horizontal Handle Bars.

Easier To Hold Horizontal Handle Bars, Bargain Priced.

If you favour hard cardiovascular activity you can often find yourself flagging a little and in need of something to pull on as you cross train but with conventional handlebars you don't get any support from them as a vertical handlebar is difficult to pull yourself forward on but horizontal handlebars like those on the Marcy ER2000D make high intensity workouts so much easier.

The Marcy ER2000D has dual handlebars with the moving handlebars for a full body workout moving your arms as well as your legs or use the fixed horizontal handlebars and get a step machine action going its like having two home exercise machines in one when you buy the Marcy ER2000D you get an elliptical cross trainer and a step machine, two exercise machines for the price of one and only space needed for one exercise machine in your home.

The horizontal handlebars have pulse rate sensors built into them, as you hold the handlebars your hands cover the stainless steel pulse rate sensors and your pulse is displayed on the screen along with your heart rate in BPM Beats Per Minute.

The Marcy cross trainer is two tone silver and grey in colour and looks good in any home with Marcy being a very well respected name in home exercise machines you can be sure that your getting a good quality elliptical trainer from a company renowned for its good products.

Supplied with a one year warranty and delivered free of charge.
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