Ironman Titus Weight Bench.

Ironman Titus Weight Bench with Press Bar, Leg Curls and Leg Extensions an Extra Strong Weight Bench.

The Ironman Titus Weight Bench is fully loaded with everything you need as well as a height adjustable press bar there's a padded leg extension and leg curl bar and the whole weight bench is made from professional grade tube steel and looks superb with nice shiny steel, matt black seat and two tone matt black and orange backrest.
Ironman Titus Weight Bench, Press Bar, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions.

Press Bar, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, Extra Strong Weight Bench.

The press bar which is height adjustable for any size user comes with locking bar clips so you can secure the long bar onto the press bar when not in use, it's a great safety feature to be able to lock the weight on the bar ready for use next time and if you have young children in the house its essential.

The press bar station can be used separately from the multigym part of the weight bench as they are not physically joined together this makes the weight bench easier to store as it can be stored in two smaller bits rather than finding space for one big bit and gives you more weight training options you can share the press bar and multigym part of the weight bench with a friend and both train together for example.

The vinyl seat is well padded and you won't get a sore backside or sore back whilst your using the bench press and because the backrest adjusts from flat to angled there's plenty of options to have the backrest just right for you so your not straining and bench pressing with either the press bar too low or too high or the angle of the seat wrong both of which will lead to sprains and possible injury.

Whatever your weight training goals whether it's the abdomen, arms, legs or chest your find you can work all muscle groups on the Ironman Titus Weight Bench.
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