IronMan Foldable Weight Bench.

Buy the IronMan Foldable Weight Bench, it's a Small Multigym with Chest Press and Leg Station which Folds Flat for easy storage.

Fold the weight bench flat and store the weight bench flat against a wall or even under your bed, you get a multigym under your bed with the IronMan Folding Weight Bench.

IronMan Foldable Weight Bench, Small Multigym, Chest Press, Leg Station

Small Multigym, Chest Press, Leg Station.

The folding weight bench has butterfly bars to help you build your pectorals and deltoids, your find an adjustable height back rest so you can weight train in comfort and the exact right position for maximum muscle growth, the adjustable seat means that all body types can use this weight bench from large to small.

Theres a leg extension station which will work your quadriceps and padded leg curl bars which will work your hamstrings, even the incline on the backrest is adjustable so if you want to sit bolt upright you can or if you want to lie down at a 45 degree angle well you can do that too.

There's barbell retaining hooks to hold your barbells when you're working your body on another part of the machine, so everything is always close to hand.

You won't find many weight benches with butterfly bars, but you do with the IronMan folding weight bench and that's just one of the reasons this weight bench as become a bestseller.

Do leg curls and leg extensions on this weight bench too, it's the weight bench to buy if you would like a multigym but just don't have the room.

There's a full 12 months warranty on this weight bench and mini multigym, so in the very unlikely event you do have a problem, you're in safe hands and will get a replacement.

The metal is 1.55mm thick steel in a grey silver finish which looks like a real designer piece of gym equipment with the black foam padded bars and black seat.

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