IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench.

Buy the IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench which is part of the IronMan Gym Series range and get two dumbbells and a dumbbell rank included free of charge.

The IronMan Folding Sit Up Bench folds completely flat when not in use so you can easily store the folded sit-up bench behind a door, flat under your bed, in a cupboard or even store your folding situp bench by hanging the bench on a wall in your home, garage or shed.

IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench, IronMan Gym Series

IronMan Gym Series.

The inclined back of the situp bench gives you an increased workout intensity over a flat back, its far more ergonomic than a flat sit up bench and much more comfortable too.

You get two free 1.5kg dumbbells when you buy this situp bench and there's an integrated dumbbell holder attached to the bottom of the situp bench so you can keep your dumbbells safe and secure and within easy reach of your situp bench.

Made from soft 1.5mm thick steel anyone of any weight can use this situp bench, all the leg and foot bars are adjustable so no matter what your size big or small your fit into this situp bench, all the foot and leg bars are covered in think comfortable foam so you won't apply under pressure and hurt yourself.

Supplied with a one year warranty so if you do need to get a replacement the process will be worry free, this situp bench is now half price, so buy now and get a massive 50% discount.

The metalwork is dull silver in colour and contrasts superbly with the black foot and leg bar foam and black coloured inclined bench, you're not only have an excellent weight training session with the IronMan situp bench but your also have a bench that looks very smart in any home.
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