Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill.

Buy the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill and get a Lifetime Warranty on this Powerful Treadmill.

The Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill has an oversized running area designed especially to help those who always fall of treadmills or just don't have the room they need on a conventional narrow treadmill, the running area measures 20 inches wide by 55 inches long and is ideal for the elderly or anyone unsure of their footing.

Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill, Lifetime Warranty, Powerful Treadmill

Lifetime Warranty, Powerful Treadmill.

Whilst the FT94 Treadmill has a large running deck and a powerful 3.50 HP electric motor to power the treadmill round when with a maximum runner weight of 22 stone, it's still quiet, in fact it's not just a quiet treadmill it's whisper quiet which is ideal if you like to listen to music or TV whilst you exercise, there's even an included book rack to hold your book or magazine whilst you run or walk and with such a quiet treadmill you won't be disturbed by treadmill noise, and neither will your neighbours which will be of benefit if you live in a flat or apartment.

The frame and motor carry a lifetime warranty so if your fatter than you would like and are looking to a treadmill to lose weight its worth knowing that you need not be worried about burning out the motor or anything like that as firstly the motor is very powerful and designed to carry up to 22 stone at the highest of speeds but also because the lifetime warranty means if a fault develops the treadmill will be replaced free of charge.

This treadmill has been heavily reduced in price, the new 50% discount of the manufacturers recommended retail price makes this an absolute bargain and couple that with free delivery, large running deck and lifetime warranty and there has never been a better opportunity to buy a Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill.
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