Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill.

Buy the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill it offers Quick Easy Storage in a Folding Treadmill design.

The Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill has a larger than usual running belt so if you're always feeling giddy, falling off or just feel too enclosed by other treadmills the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill is the treadmill to buy as it has a large width and length than other treadmills, with an incredible 50 inches length by 18 inches width there is no danger that your ever fall off a treadmill ever again.

Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill, Quick Easy Storage, Folding Treadmill

Quick Easy Storage, Folding Treadmill.

The Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill has a folding design whereby the treadmill deck automatically lifts upwards halving the size of the treadmill, ideal for storage and the transport wheels mean that its one of the easiest treadmills to store, simply fold the treadmill and wheel the treadmill around your home to wherever you plan to store it, against a wall out of the way, under the stairs, in a cupboard or in the garage, its easy to move around and can be unfolded just by pulling the running deck downwards.

On the handlebars you have controls for speed and incline (how much of a hill you would like to run or work against), there's also two cup holders which are ideal for holding water bottles and keeping them within easy reach for when your thirsty or for storing a mp3 player, resting the player on the console and listening by headphones.

To stop the treadmill use either the stop button or the emergency stop cord which you can wear around your wrist or attached to your clothes, pull the cord and the emergency stop is operated, if you do lose your balance or need to stop in a hurry your find the emergency stop cord a great innovation.

The beautiful looking digital display console shows you your time elapsed since start of exercise, current running or walking speed, distance travelled, incline (how much of a hill you want to run or walk up, if any), and the console also offers easy selection of one of 10 professionally designed exercise programs, select an exercise program to achieve a defined goal like lose weight, increase stamina, run a marathon, walk, hill walk etc.
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