Embermann Midas Wooden Frame 4 Burner.

Embermann Midas Wooden Frame 4 Burner Gas Barbecue Uses Standard Calor Patio Gas or Flo Gas Leisure Cylinders.

This is a stylish garden barbecue grill that uses gas from gas bottles which you can buy at petrol stations and camping stores the advantage of gas is that it's not smelly like charcoal and if you live in a built up area your neighbours and their washing out on the line might not appreciate the smoke you get from a charcoal barbecue where as gas barbecues burn cleanly with no smells.
Embermann Midas Wooden Frame 4 Burner, Gas Barbecue.

Gas Barbecue, Uses Standard Calor Patio Gas, Flo Gas Leisure Cylinders.

A gas barbecue lights imminently as soon as you press the piezzo electric ignition switch where as with charcoal barbecues you have to struggle with fire lighters and the wind blowing your charcoal out, problems you just don't get with a gas barbecue.

You get four burners on this barbecue there's a flame grill for making your own flame grilled burgers or chicken and there's a hot plate for frying and boiling, so as well as just grilling you can cook anything outside that you normally would cook in the kitchen so you don't have to keep rushing back indoors to cook something inside, everything can be cooked outside in the garden.

The gas grill is fitted into a hardwood frame which is a beautiful dark wood colour that really looks good in the garden and is sure to get many nice comments from anyone you invite over for a barbecue, there's two side tables on the frame so you can keep plates and food close at hand whilst underneath the grill on the wooden shelf there's yet more room for storage.

One side of the barbecue legs have wheels so you can wheel the barbecue along like a wheelbarrow if you need to reposition it in your garden.

The barbecue comes with a gas regulator and hose for connecting to a gas bottle.
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