Embermann Midas Steel Frame 4 Burner Gas Barbecue.

Embermann Midas Steel Frame 4 Burner Gas Barbecue, Leave Outside All Year Round as the All Weather Cover is Included.

You can leave this gas barbecue outside all year round as the barbecue comes with its own all weather cover so it doesn't matter if the barbecue gets wet and you won't have to try and make space for it in the shed, garage or house.
Embermann Midas Steel Frame 4 Burner Gas Barbecue, Leave Outside All Year Round.

Leave Outside All Year Round, All Weather Cover Included.

There's four burners under the barbecue hood and these are all independently controlled from the control panel where you can set the heat of all four burners using the dials as well as press the ignition button to automatically light the gas burners.

The gas barbecue and surrounding frame and legs are made of steel whilst the side shelves and under grill shelf are made from a beautiful hardwood that really makes this barbecue look like it cost a lot of money, far more than you actually paid for the barbecue especially now as the price has been discounted.

As well as the all weather cover you get a gas regulator and hose to attach to the gas bottle.

One the side of the shelves are hooks for hanging up your cooking utensils so you don't get them dirty or cross contaminate food and with the flame grill your be able to do flame grilled burgers and steaks not to mention steak and fish there's also a hot plate for frying and boiling so for example you could grill sausages and fry onions for the hot dogs all from the same barbecue without having to go into the kitchen and miss all the gossip and fun outside at the barbecue.

The four independently controlled gas burners are fitted with flame tamers to control the heat so should wind (if the hood is up) or oil splatter cause the flame to increase in size the flame tamer will control the flame height so your food won't get burned.
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