Embermann Leto Silver 3 Burner Barbecue.

Embermann Leto Silver 3 Burner Barbecue, Steel With Hardwood Side Shelves and Free All Weather Cover, Gas Regulator.

This barbecue comes with free delivery, one year warranty and a free all weather cover so you can keep the barbecue outside all year round as well as a gas regulator with gas hose to attach to the gas cylinder, this barbecue uses the popular and easy to obtain from garden centres, petrol stations and camping stores Calor Patio Gas or Flo Gas Leisure cylinders.
Embermann Leto Silver 3 Burner Barbecue, Steel With Hardwood Side Shelves.

Steel With Hardwood Side Shelves, Free All Weather Cover, Gas Regulator.

The barbecue frame is made from stainless steel and so is easy to clean whilst the side shelves and under barbecue shelving are made from a beautiful hardwood that is also easy to clean and looks great next to the stainless steel of the grill hood.

There's utensil hooks on the side shelves for hanging up your forks, tongs and spoons whilst your cooking so you can hang up the dirty utensils without worrying about where to put them down and the temperature gauge in the cooker hood shows you how hot it is inside so you can tell how the food is cooking without having to open the hood.

The wheels on the barbecue legs are chunky and will easily trundle across your lawn when required whilst the three gas temperature knobs on the front of the grill make for easy control of the gas and there's even an electronic gas light starter on the side of the control panel for lighting the gas, the days of using firelighters and charcoal and watching the flame blow out in the wind are long gone.

Under the barbecue hood your find a cast iron hot plate and a flame grill so now you can cook your own flame grilled burgers and use the hot plate for frying, boiling or keeping warm.
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