Embermann Apollo Gas Barbecue.

Embermann Apollo Gas Barbecue the American Style BBQ with Integrated Hood Thermometer.

This American style gas barbecue is the type that Americans use to grill steaks and flame grill burgers on and now you can be grilling at home the same way, this gas barbecue uses standard bottled gas and the gas regulator and gas hose for connection to the gas are included and with standard size gas bottles being used your have no problems finding the gas bottles at the petrol station or DIY store.
Embermann Apollo Gas Barbecue, American Style.

American Style, Integrated Hood Thermometer.

There's three separate gas burners under the BBQ hood and each have flame tamers so your meat is cooked uniformly without getting burned, the grill is coated in porcelain so oil and fat splashes are rare and the grill is easier to clean and the hood is easy clean too.

Built into the hood is a thermometer so you can always see what temperature the food is even without opening the hood and it means cooking is the same every time as all you need do is take notice of the temperature when your meat reaches perfection and wait for the same temperature to be reached next time you cook.

With double metal side shelves there's plenty of room for food preparation like chopping or marinating and the sturdy all metal frame means that if you need to cut or chop the barbecue is not wobbling about all over the place like some models do.

Below the grill is a utensil and warming cabinet that has closing doors on the cabinet so you can store meat there without worrying about the flies getting on the food as well as storing plates, cutlery or drinks inside too.

The whole gas barbecue is made of steel with a powder coated finish that means it's easy to clean and looks good.

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