Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Buy the Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer for Under 100 Pounds, it's one of the Cheapest Cross Trainers For Sale.

The Cintura650 is a bestselling cross trainer in part due to its low price of less than 100 pounds, it's the cheapest cross trainer for sale that we've seen.

Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Under 100 Pounds

Under 100 Pounds.

The Cintura650 is hardwearing and will give many years of use, it's backed by a 1 year warranty too so if anything goes wrong your get your Cintura650 repaired or replaced.

With many of the more expensive cross trainers they only have a few different resistance levels, that's the resistance to your effort to cross train, with maybe 7 or 8 resistance levels, not a great deal to choose from as you might want an easier cross training session or a harder cross training session than 7 levels will allow, with the Cintura650 you have an infinite number of resistance levels to choose from, just turn the resistance dial to whatever resistance level suits you best.

The Cintura650 maybe one of the cheapest cross trainers for sale but its well built from 1.5mm tube steel and has a maximum user capacity of 18 stone so is ideal for the whole family to use no matter if they are slim, just right or overweight.

There's a training computer mounted between the handlebars that has 7 different functions including time spent exercising, speed, distance travelled, heart rate, calorie counter and speed, the heart rate is measured by a pulse sensor on the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars and your pulse will be recorded and displayed on the screen as a heart rate, the built-in calorie counter will tell you on the screen exactly how many calories your burning as you exercise, so it's easy to get instant feedback of how your training session is going.

There's large non-slip footplates for your feet, whether you have large feet or small feet your find that these ergonomically designed footplates hold your feet comfortable without slipping or fear of falling out.

The resistance to your cross train movements on the steps is provided by both air and friction so the cross trainer is very quiet and won't disturb neighbours or other householders, this cheap cross trainer for sale also takes up very little room when not in use and is easy to store.
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