Cintura XL Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Buy the Cintura XL Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike for Under 200 Pounds and get a High Spec Exercise Bike.

A High Spec Exercise Bike for under 200 pounds that must be the Cintura XL Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike which comes with free delivery and a 12 month guarantee, so the price you see is the price you pay, its a heavily discounted price with this high spec exercise bike originally costing double the price and the guarantee means that should you experience any problems the exercise bike will be repaired or replaced.

Cintura XL Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Under 200 Pounds

Under 200 Pounds.

This is a semi-commercial exercise bike built for home use but with the strength and hardwearing abilities to survive knocks and a hard life, it's in all metal construction exercise bike with a max user load of 16 stone so all the family can have fun on this exercise bike both young and old.

The Cintura exercise bike has a cheap price but it's not short on good looks and advanced features, the dark grey and tan highlights make this a very beautiful exercise bike that will look good in any home and the sturdy all metal construction is obvious just by looking, this exercise bike will last for years.

Between the handlebars is an advanced training computer and screen that has 21 different exercise programs you can use, exercise programs to help you lose weight, endurance cycle, slow cycle, sprint, improve stamina and much more.

On the handlebars are pulse sensors which display your heart rate on the digital display, your heart rate can be used to control the exercise programmes automatically adjusting the exercise bikes speed and effort levels to account for your changing heart rate, increased effort for a low heart rate and reduced effort for a high heart rate.

The advanced digital training computer will also calculate your body fat using the BML (Body Mass Indicator) feature built right into the exercise bike, the body fat calculation can then be used to customise the exercise programmes for your size and weight meaning the exercise you do will best fit your goals, like lose weight or maintain fitness levels.
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