Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine the Space Saving Rower that Folds For Easy Home Storage.

If your buying a rowing machine for home use and want a rower that does not take up much room when not in use then consider the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, its a folding rowing machine where the long rail folds upright so the rower takes up a lot less room and when folded transport wheels touch the floor which let you push the rowing machine around your home easily.
Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Space Saving Rower.

Space Saving Rower, Folds For Easy Home Storage.

Inside the rowing machine is a 7kg flywheel the flywheel makes your rowing motion very fluid so rowing indoors feels like rowing outside on the water with a flywheel there is no stop, start motion its very consistent motion.

Just below the digital display is a large manual tension control knob, turn this tension knob clockwise to increase how hard it is to row and turn the tension knob to make it easier to row, the advantage of more tension is that your working your muscles harder so will shape, tone and strengthen your stomach muscles, leg muscles, thigh muscles and arm muscles quicker that if you had selected a lower resistance.

Start with a lower manageable level of resistance and then as your fitness level increases add more tension.

The aluminium bar that the seat moves backwards and forwards on is very smooth providing hardly any increase in resistance and the seat moves on polypropylene bearings so its quiet and fast.

The resistance system that the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine is magnetic resistance which is much quieter than any other tension system and ideal for home use where it may be important not to disturb others with the noise of your rowing.

The foot straps are fully adjustable and will hold your feet on the foot plates no matter how vigorous you row.
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