Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Entry Level Exercise Bike.

Buy the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, it's an Entry Level Exercise Bike that is the cheapest brand new exercise bike we have ever seen at under sixty pounds.

It's a cheap exercise bike but it's got some great features that make this a really nice exercise bike, it's not flimsy at all, it's very solid and will support a user with a maximum body weight of 16 stone.

Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Entry Level Exercise Bike

Entry Level Exercise Bike.

The near silent operation is thanks to magnetic resistance which you would normally find on exercise bikes costing hundreds of pounds, the magnetic resistance makes for a smooth cycle with no noise or vibration, if your using the exercise bike on a solid wood, concrete or other solid surface your appreciate the anti-vibration properties of magnetic resistance as there won't be any knocking sounds or wobbles.

This chap exercise bike has plenty of inertia thanks to the magnetic resistance, what that means is that it's easy to start pedalling and easy to keep pedalling it's not like some exercise bikes where starting off always feels like your cycling up hill.

The easy to read display has time, speed and distance displays so you can easily see how long you have been exercising, how much longer you have to cycle and the speed your cycling at.

The exercise bike seat is very well padded in fact some might say too soft as it's a really comfortable seat that will let you sit and cycle for a long time without getting saddle sore, the saddle is large too so if you prefer a large saddle then larger bottoms will be very happy with this exercise bike.

Its easy to adjust the effort level, there4s a simple knob to turn unlike some cheap exercise bikes that actually make you stop pedalling and get off the bike to change the effort level, with the Cintura Omega all adjustments can be made whilst your cycling and whilst your sitting down.

Buy this very cheap exercise bike and get a quality exercise bike that's very easy to store around your home.
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