Care Stratis Motorised Elliptical Trainer.

Care Stratis Motorised Elliptical Trainer with Height Adjustable Handle Bars in a White and Gold Colour.

The Care Stratis Elliptical Trainer is beautiful with a white coloured body and gold coloured side the first thing that grabs you about the Stratis is the gold colour but its not just good looks on the Stratis there's some very useful features too like height adjustable handlebars because we are not all made the same size and being able to adjust the height that you can hold the handlebars means that tall or short your in the most comfortable position possible and that means your exercising is going to be far more effective and enjoyable.
Care Stratis Motorised Elliptical Trainer, Height Adjustable Handle Bars.

Height Adjustable Handle Bars, White and Gold Colour.

Two sets of handlebars one fixed and one moving means that you can use the Stratis as a step machine if you hold the fixed handlebars and use the Stratis for a full high intensity cardiovascular exercise if you hold the moving handlebars.

On the fixed handlebars your find two sets of metal pulse sensors on either side of the handlebars, these measure your pulse rate as sensed from the pulse in your hand and mean that you don't need to be wearing any body worn sensors to measure your pulse rate and heart rate.

Four different people can use this exercise machine and save their settings separately and the cross trainer will recall the settings of that user so you don't have to enter things like resistance level, body weight (for calorie consumption), age (for heart rate) or customise any programs every time you use the Stratis.

As well as setting your maximum resistance levels yourself you can use the HRC Heart Rate Control exercise programs which monitor your heart rate (from the pulse sensors) and adjust the exercise program depending on your heart rate.

There's a five year warranty on the frame of the Stratis and a two year warranty that covers the parts and labour which is a very generous warranty when you consider most manufacturers would only offer a years limited warranty.
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