Care Elliptical Trainer Futura Motorised.

Care Elliptical Trainer Futura Motorised with Huge Colour Digital Display and 7 Sensors Displayed At Once.

The large digital display on the Futura has 7 separate digital displays to monitor 7 separate sensors at once so you can always see all your readings without having to use a scroll mode the readings you can see are heart rate, distance, speed, calories, power (in watts), time and resistance level.
Care Elliptical Trainer Futura Motorised, Huge Colour Digital Display.

Huge Colour Digital Display, 7 Sensors Displayed At Once.

The body of the elliptical trainer is white in colour with the handlebars and frame are silver, on the frame that supports the elliptical trainers digital display there's a water bottle which is within easy reach as you exercise.

Pulse sensors in the handlebars measure your heart rate simply by holding the handlebars so the pulse in your palm can be measured no wires or body worn sensors are required making this elliptical trainer very simple to operate and a real 'jump on and go' piece of exercise equipment.

The Care Futura is ideal for the home as the large legs makes sure that the elliptical won't wobble or make vibrating noises.

The rear mounted flywheel absorbs the motion of your cross training and inside the case of the elliptical the flywheel spins round providing the moving force that makes your cross train action feel natural and not mechanical.

There's 22 exercise training programs in the cross trainers computer and these are accessed from a button pad just below the colour display, if you have used an iPod your find the layout of these buttons to be in classic media player style making the cross trainer very easy to use.

The foot rests can be adjusted for three different stride lengths consider this to be like small, medium and long length of leg and your see how it works as selecting the wrong leg length will leave you with sore or aching legs and feet.

Being white and silver in colour the Futura will look good in any home.
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