Caeser 5 Man Tent.

Caeser 5 Man Tent Resists Strong Winds and is ideal for Camping In The Countryside.

The Caeser 5 Man Tent has a doomed roof which makes the tent incredibly stable and also easy to pitch (assemble) so its ideal for windy conditions like in exposed countryside and its size means its ideal for families of four and their belongings as there's plenty of storage area or an extra large tent for a couple who want lots of room.
Caeser 5 Man Tent, Resists Strong Winds.

Resists Strong Winds, Camping In The Countryside.

The Caeser 5 Man Tent has an inner and outer lining the inner lining allows the tent to breath and provide ventilation so smells and stale air are replaced by fresh air whilst the outer lining is the waterproof lining that stoops water entering the tent.

The Caeser 5 Man Tent is weatherproof even in heavy rain as the tent has a hydrostatic head of 2000m this is a measure of how waterproof a tent is and it basically means that it can have a water pressure of 2000 meters on the tent fabric before it will start to leak in comparison the British army and other forces have a specification for 800m of hydrostatic head to be waterproof to military standards so you can see that the Caeser 5 Man Tent is nearly four times better than the military standard so as well as a waterproof tent for the family you might have the company of the military if it rains heavily!

If it does rain heavily water can come through the tent seams to stop that happening the seams are taped to prevent moisture ingress and prevent splitting or degrading of the tent as it gets old die to sunlight damage (UV).

The tent is lightweight weighing only 2.6 stone including all the tent poles and will take one person just 25 minutes to assemble.

With free delivery and a years warranty this is an excellent family tent designed fro the British weather.
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