Bremshey Fitness Orbit Control Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Bremshey Fitness Orbit Control Elliptical Cross Trainer Pedal Backwards or Forwards with 18 Training Programs.

The Bremshey cross trainer has 18 different training programs so you can select a program that meets your exercise goals like losing weight by increasing your cardiovascular activity or strength training or maintaining your current fitness level.
Bremshey Fitness Orbit Control Elliptical Cross Trainer, Pedal Backwards or Forwards.

Pedal Backwards or Forwards, 18 Training Programs.

You can move the pedals forwards or backwards on the Bremshey, you can't do that on all cross trainers and some people prefer to pedal backwards so its good to have a cross trainer that allows pedalling backwards in case you find that you prefer it.

The Bremshey is mains powered so you just plug in and start moving the pedals which is easier than the really cheap cross trainers that are powered by your own movement and are very hard to move the pedals round.

There's a stride length of 16 inches which is an average stride length (the distance between your two legs when your walking) so your feel comfortable and not cramped using the Bremshey.

A rear mounted flywheel evens out the jerky motion of moving the pedals backwards and forwards so your cross train action feels smooth and natural rather than a mechanical action that your find on a lot of other cross trainers.

You don't have to lift the Bremshey as the base has two wheels that touch the floor when you lift up one end and its a lot easier to wheel the cross trainer than lift it as you have to do with many other makes of cross trainer.

There's two sets of handlebars fixed and moving, use the fixed for a step machine action and the moving for a full cardiovascular workout, on the fixed handlebars your find a pulse sensor that measures the pulse that's in the palm of your hands as you hold the handlebars.
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