BodyTrain Media Centre Treadmill With LCD TV and Speakers.

BodyTrain Media Centre Treadmill With LCD TV and Speakers, Get Bored Exercising This Treadmill Comes With a TV.

Whilst the BodyTrain Media Centre Treadmill does sound like it comes with its own PR department it's actually got a built in telly so if you get bored running you can switch on the LCD TV and watch Coronation Street or the news or whatever takes your fancy.
BodyTrain Media Centre Treadmill With LCD TV and Speakers, Get Bored Exercising.

Get Bored Exercising, This Treadmill Comes With a TV.

The running track on this the biggest of BodyTrain treadmills is very wide giving you lots of room to move around so you won't fall off and hurt yourself and there's a super advanced suspension system called a 'deck cushioning system' which not only provides shock absorption for your feet and joints so you don't get sore knees and a sore back whilst running but you can adjust the level of shock absorption that your using from the console of the treadmill, how advanced is that now there's no excuse not to thrash yourself to within an inch of your life on a treadmill.

There's quick touch buttons on the treadmill because these days we are all in a hurry, well actually the quick touch buttons just save you from going through all the menus on the treadmill screen which is hard to do when your whizzing along as fast as your legs can carry you.

To prevent boredom and get you fit there's nine different exercise programmes built into the treadmill select the one you like from fat burning, endurance, up hill, strength training, marathon running etc and then the inclination of the treadmill (the height of the hill that the exercise programmes sets) will automatically raise the treadmill deck up and down and increase and reduce the speed to create a simulated running track of straights and hills just as if you where running outside on the roads.

As well as watching Eastenders on the built in TV you can save your music or videos to a SD card and play them back on the built in screen, ideal if you want your own tunes to run too.

You get free delivery and a one year repair or replace warranty.
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