BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike for Under 200 Pounds, Cheap Exercise Bikes.

A top of the range exercise bike for under 200 pounds that has to be the BodyTrain IS650 Exercise Bike where high quality meets great value, with free delivery too.

BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Under 200 Pounds

Under 200 Pounds.

Using a silent magnetic resistance system so you won't hear any noises whilst you cycle, no vibration sounds or knocking, you can watch television or listen to music without headphones or just cycle without upsetting the neighbours with excess noise.

There's 16 levels of magnetic resistance to choose from, simply select the level of resistance you would like to cycle against or have the exercise bike automatically adjust the resistance level as your cycling creating a virtual cycling course.

There's 12 exercise programmes to choose from including cycling controlled by the heart rate sensor where the heart rate sensor in the handlebars monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts the cycling course as you cycle making the course harder when your heart rate shows that you could be working harder and easier when your heart rate shows your pushing yourself too hard.

There's a body fat calculator too so you can actually see your body fat reduce as you exercise by keeping note of your body fat readings, there's no better motivator than watching your body fat reduce.

You can share this exercise bike with the whole family or friends as the bikes electronics will remember the settings for 4 different users, so no need to enter your bodyweight or effort level preferences again and again as they will be remembered by the bike between sessions.

Ideal for the whole family to use, all the family will appreciate the exercise bike settings being remembered and the younger members of the family will enjoy the colour screen whilst older members of the family will appreciate the heart rate control programmes.

With a maximum user weight of 24 stone everyone can use this cheap exercise bike, knowing that while it didn't cost much to buy its top of the range and has some very advanced features.
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