BodyTrain GBD03505 Home Pilates Reformer.

Buy the BodyTrain GBD03505 Home Pilates Reformer for Home Pilates Exercise, Luxury Pilates Reformer.

Looking to practice Pilates at home and want to make sure your doing the exercises 100% correctly, then you need to buy a Pilates reformer which aligns your body to do the correct exercises without injury or aches and pains, the luxury hardwood bedstead style Pilates reformer from BodyTrain has a PU leather seat with memory foam for true comfort.
BodyTrain GBD03505 Home Pilates Reformer, Home Pilates Exercise.

Home Pilates Exercise.

The seat runs on eight independent wheels which makes for truly silent and vibration free movement with no sticking or jerky movements, also included on the Pilates reformer is an adjustable jump board and a foot bar with five separate position adjustment, you can adjust the position of the foot bar without needing any tools at all.

The hand loops and foot loops are adjustable too as is the rope and pulley system which can be adjusted for height so you can mount the rope and pulley system at a height that's convenient to you.

The luxury hardwood will last for many years to come in your home and looks beautiful the Pilates reformer makes an excellent piece of beautiful furniture let alone a high specification Pilates reformer.

The hardwood makes this Pilates reformer very strong and the solid steel metal runners and eight wheels ensure that your have trouble free movement for years to come, have a look at the picture and see how thick the hardwood is, this Pilates reformer is built to last a lifetimes of use and still look beautiful.

Buy the BodyTrain GBD03505 Home Pilates Reformer today and your get free next day delivery so you don't have to worry about the cost of shipping and if you order today your be doing your Pilates exercises at home tomorrow, there's a full one year guarantee as well, also any problems and your get a free repair or free replacement.
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