BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer.

Buy the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer the Solid Wood Pilates Reformer with Large Wooden Bench.

Looking for the best Pilates reformer, the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer is the best for a number of reasons, firstly it's solid hardwood design, very thick hardwood has been used to build the Pilates reformer, just take a look at the picture to see how thick the hardwood is, hardwood has been used too where other manufacturers would use soft wood which just won't have a long life and be able to stand up to years of use.
BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer, Solid Wood Pilates Reformer.

Solid Wood Pilates Reformer.

As well as looking beautiful the Pilates reformer also has a comfortable seat with a PU leather finish which is easy to clean, simply wipe with a cloth and underneath the luxury PU leather your find memory foam which moulds itself around your form giving you a very comfortable and supportive position.

The seat glides on the metal rails thanks to four independent wheels which move the carriage backward and forward, a jump board is also fitted to the Pilates reformer and this is also adjustable without any tools, there's adjustable hand and foot loops as well as a height adjustable rope and pulley set, so you can position the ropes at any height which will be out of your way whilst you exercise.

To adjust the height of the hand and foot loops simply turn the large hand wheels that secure the hand and foot loops to the hardwood upright, no tools are required to make any adjustments and you can make an adjustment mid fitness session without interrupting your flow.

You get 12 months free warranty so any problems in your first year and a free replacement or repair service can be called upon, delivery is free too and it's next day free delivery too so order today and you will be exercising on the Pilates reformer tomorrow, a great gift for the Pilates fan in your home.
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