BodyTrain Endurance Folding Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain Endurance Folding Treadmill and Burn More Calories with a 15% Powered Incline.

This is a smart looking folding treadmill the folds easily, simply unlock the running deck and pull the treadmill deck upwards locking it in a horizontal position, the deck is easy to more as a powered hydraulic system takes the weight whilst you just push the deck upwards, when in the upright position the lock engages and the treadmill is safely stored, then tilt the treadmill and use the transport wheels to more the treadmill around for easy storage and when folded the treadmill is half the size.

BodyTrain Endurance Folding Treadmill, Burn More Calories 15% Powered Incline

Burn More Calories 15% Powered Incline.

If you want to lose weight, burn more calories or tone your body then your be interested to know about the incline feature of this treadmill, you can adjust the incline or angle of the running deck whilst you are running with a simple up or down button or the treadmill can adjust its own angle whilst you are running and using one of the built-in exercise programmes.

The advantage of having an incline feature on a treadmill is that it's the same as running up hills which causes your body to burn more calories than running alone, so if you're looking to lose weight or tone your body buy the BodyTrain Endurance treadmill and choose from any gradient of hill up to 15%.

If you find yourself getting bored with running and would like to listen to music or the news but hate headphones that either always fall off when you're on the treadmill or find the headphone cord gets in the way then the BodyTrain Endurance folding treadmill has just the feature your looking for, a pair of stereo speakers built into either side of the treadmill console, simply plug in the stereo 3.5mm jack plug into your CD player, MP3 player or TV and the sound will come out of the treadmill speakers letting you listen to your favourite music or radio programs without having to use headphones and without having to have the sound so high that the whole room is listening to your music or radio programmes.
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