BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill for Indoor Exercise at Home and Enjoy Walking.

Enjoy walking not running then buy a treadmill that is designed for walkers with features that walkers will find useful and none of the extra cost buying features that are of no interest to walkers.
BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill, Indoor Exercise at Home.

Indoor Exercise at Home.

The BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill is a folding treadmill so when your not exercising in your own home, the treadmill deck simply lifts up into place creating a flat frame that's easy to store in a cupboard or in the garage, then when your ready to exercise simply unclip the frame and you can start walking again, no tools are needed to fold and unfold the treadmill.

There's a large red emergency stop button on the top of the treadmill, simply press the button to bring the treadmill to an immediate full stop, ideal if your a little nervous about standing on a moving conveyor belt, as well as the emergency stop which you just have to reach out and press is an emergency stop cord, some people find moving a hand from the handrail to the emergency stop too much, especially if they are new to exercising on a treadmill, with an emergency cord, you can simply hold the cord in you hand or tie the cord to your wrist or trousers, when you pull the cord the emergency stop button will be activated, should your slip or lose your footing the cord will also be pulled and again the emergency stop button will be activated.

There's a digital display mounted on the handlebars, the display shows you your current walking speed and the distance you have walked and will also show you how many calories you have burned whilst you have been walking, if your using the walking treadmill to lose some weight it's great to see exactly how many calories your burning.

With free next day delivery you can buy this very safe to use walking treadmill for your exercise today and be exercising on your very own walking treadmill tomorrow.
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