BodyTrain Deluxe Weight Bench.

BodyTrain Deluxe Weight Bench with Adjustable Backrest, Leg Curls and Press Bar.

The BodyTrain Deluxe Weight Bench comes with all the attachments you need to have a mini gym in your house the backrest adjusts from flat to inclined and there's a leg extension and leg curl bar too as well as a press bar which is height adjustable so you can have the bar at just the right height for you without over reaching which would be dangerous as you won't have the strength in your arms if you have to overreach.
BodyTrain Deluxe Weight Bench, Adjustable Backrest.

Adjustable Backrest, Leg Curls, Press Bar.

On both legs of the press bar stands are hooks for putting your weights on to keep your fitness area nice and tidy so you don't fall over your own weights or worse still have the children playing with your weights.

There's a maximum user weight of 18 stone or 120kg if you have gone all metric and the backrest and seat are made from a black gloss coloured covering with foam underneath as if your doing bench presses for a while your soon realise that a comfortable seat and backrest make all the difference and the leg curl bars and extension bars have foam padding on them to not only protect your legs as you use the bars but to help align your legs, putting your legs in the correct position so your in the most exercise efficient position.

With a bench press, leg curls and leg extensions for the same money that you would pay for just a bench press you get leg curls and leg extensions as well so you might as well buy the BodyTrain Deluxe Weight Bench and get more for your money and talking of money delivery is free of charge on this weight bench which is just as well as with a solid and heavy weight bench like this its nice not to have to pay the delivery charge.

There's a 12 month warranty on the weight bench and the good looking matt black paint is chip and scratch resistant too so the weight bench will keep its good looks for many years, just like you will soon be noticing your good looks after you train on this weight bench.

The weight bench is made from steel with no cheap horrible plastic part's likely to fall of or break its solid metal construction that can take the knocks and be used roughly for what it's designed for a weight bench lifting whatever weight you choose to put on the press bar.
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