BodyTrain Advanced Weight Bench.

BodyTrain Advanced Weight Bench, The Best Looking Weight Bench with Butterfly Curl Bars.

The BodyTrain Advanced Weight Bench has a silver coloured steel frame with matt black seat and orange trim and jet black foam pads and looks every bit the professionals choice and would certainly add to any exercise equipment you already own, looking smart and modern in any room in the house.
BodyTrain Advanced Weight Bench, The Best Looking Weight Bench.

The Best Looking Weight Bench, Butterfly Curl Bars.

The butterfly curl bars are not normally included on a bench press and your appreciate the addition as you save money by not needing a separate butterfly curl bar machine and the same goes for the leg extensions and leg curls your getting a lot of value with the BodyTrain Advanced Weight Bench as there's so much additional equipment as well as the bench press which also comes with a stand to hold your weights when not in use.

The backrest can be adjusted for flat as well as incline and the foam padding in the seat and backrest is appreciated by all who train on this bench as is the foam padding on the butterfly curl bar and leg press and leg extensions the foam padding not only prevents injury or soreness but also helps align your legs and arms into the correct position for exercise reducing the risk of sprains or injuries.

The weight bench weighs 18 stone that's 120kg and so is not going anywhere its not one of those poor quality weight benches that moves so much when your trying to train that you can practically chase it around the floor this weight bench is solid, heavy and not going anywhere.

You could better call this weight bench a mini gym as it has everything you need to build muscle and strength train, soon your wonder how you ever managed your weight training programme without such a versatile bench and because the butterfly curl bars, leg press and leg extensions are all incorporated into the main structure of the weight bench the bench doesn't take up much room and there's no bits and pieces to remove or add when you want to weight train just get on and start training.

Delivery is free so your not paying for the heavy weight bench to be couriered too you and there's a 12 month warranty in which time your get a free replacement or free repair if there are any problems.
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