BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set.

Buy the BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set which is a Free Weight Set containing Dumbbells and Long Bars and get free delivery.

With this free weight set you get one 60 inch long bar with one inch diameter bar and two 14 inch long dumbbell bars with one inch diameter bar and some solid iron weights which added together have a maximum weight of 100kg.

BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set, Free Weight Set

Free Weight Set.

There's an easy to use screw clamp system for attaching the weights to the bars, this is the easiest, safest and quickest system for attaching and removing weights from bars.

The weights you get include two 10kg weights, ten 5kg weights, four 2.5kg weights, six 1.25kg weights and six 0.5kg weights and the long bar weighs 6kg whilst the dumbbell bars weigh 1.5kg each so add that little lot up and you get 100kg of weight.

Now you can use any weight on any bar either the log bars or the dumbbell bars and as these bars and weights all use the standard one inch hole fitting you can mix and match any weights and bars you already have, saving you more money.

Delivery by courier is free of charge and that's just as well because sending 100kg of weights by courier could cost quite a lot, but its free so don't worry.

This free weight set has been reduced in price by over 100 pounds and so is now an absolute bargain.

If you're serious about weight training, toning or building muscle then you need a good quality long bar and dumbbell set, these are solid cast iron weights, they are strong and will survive dropping and banging together.

The cast iron weights are painted black for a beautiful finish, the deep black paint is heat treated so the paint won't chip, the long bar and dumbbell bar are bright silver in colour as is the screw clamp for securing the weights to the bars.
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