Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors.

Buy the Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, it's an orange coloured rowing machine that folds completely flat for storage.

Store this orange coloured rowing machine in your garage on a hook in the wall, under your bed, under the stairs or even behind the sofa, with the unique fold flat leg it's easy to store when not in use.

Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, Orange Coloured

Orange Coloured Rowing Machine.

Uniquely the rowing machine is orange in colour so its bright and fun and much more exciting to use than boring coloured gym equipment.

Pulse sensors are included in the handlebars which measure your pulse as you hold the handlebars and display your pulse on the built-in screen as a heart rate.

The rowing machine is a bestseller and has been used by both beginners and competitive rowers, with the rowers comfortable ergonomic design, and ergonomically moulded seat you won't tire so easily and be able to finish your exercise programme.

The resistance to your efforts is provided by a magnetic breaking system, its silent in operation so it does no t make big whooshing fan noises like those old fashioned rowers your often see at the gym, for home use where you want the rowing machine to be as quiet as possible its ideal.

The rowing machine display shows your progress in real time as you row, row faster and your stroke count, total count and calories burned will all change in real time as you row, and speaking of calories this rowing machine will calorie count for you, measuring the calories your burning from your level of exercise and showing you the actual number of calories burned whilst your exercising, how's that for motivation.

There's 5 different levels of resistance to your rowing available, the resistance knob is located right in front of you so you can make adjustments to the rowing resistance actually whilst you row.

Foot pedal straps securely hold your feet on the p[pedals so there's no accidents slipping off the pedals and the unique non slip design ensures that your feel will remain firmly on the pedals even if you don't fasten the straps.
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